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Truly Adaptive AI tutor

Truly Adaptive AI tutor

At Cerebry, our aim is to make effective personalised tuition accessible to each and everyone, regardless of geography or family income. This was only possible with a complete rethink of traditional mechanisms of education delivery. 1-to-1 tuition is rare and expensive. Even when available, it's effectiveness depends on the experience and teaching skills of the tutor. For a student, Cerebry's AI technology feels just like a personal tutor. The AI tutor generates a unique question for the user to solve which is not repeated for any other student and which is based on the student's specific level of understanding. The Cerebry team consists of PhDs, data scientists, software engineers and dedicated educators working together to make the dream of actual adaptive learning not tied to a finite question bank possible. Education is important and teaching resources are finite; but with the help of artificial intelligence, we can male a personal tutor available to every student.

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Shubham Goyal

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Co-founder of Tabzine. Received funding from NUS Enterprise. Incubated at Garag3. Pursuing CS at NUS. Teaching Assistant for Algorithms and Software Engg..