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Measure customer engagement to drive financial results

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Imagine if a Fortune 500 enterprise had a crystal ball that showed the personalized Best Action for their millions of individual customers to keep them coming back for more. It's not magic, it's Cerebri AI.

Cerebri AI is an advanced customer analytics company that uses state-of-the-art AI technologies, such as SHARP reinforcement learning, to analyze customer touchpoints across multiple channels. Cerebri's AI solutions quantify a customer’s commitment to a brand or a product, at any point in time, expressed in monetary values and derive Best Actions that drive customer commitment and financial results.

After nearly two years in semi-stealth mode devoted to developing a truly world-class product, our Series A financing was led by M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures). To date, the team has filed 11 patents pertaining to the Cerebri AI way. We now have 60 employees in three offices in Austin, Toronto and Washington DC. Over 80% of the staff are in technical roles in data science and software engineering. Our team of senior executives averages 20+ years selling software successfully to enterprises worldwide. Cerebri AI is a proud Microsoft Partner and an active member of the Mastercard Start Path network.