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Computing with DNA

Computing with DNA

DNA is the code and the cell is the computer. We take cells apart and extract the billion year old processors that turn DNA into protein, enzymes and molecules. This allows us to create an extract that empowers you to produce literally anything. You can create vital biomolecules like insulin, or odors and smells, you can create bio-compatible color palettes or glow in the dark proteins.

We are developing a simple toolkit for interfacing with biology. Cell-Free is distributed in a few small specifically designed tubes that are easy to use and contain literally everything you need to create all manner of biomolecules, medicines like insulin or stunning coloured proteins that even glow in the dark. You can make beautiful odours (as well as nasty ones!) and use these in parallel with electronic projects. The sky’s the limit!
CEO of Cell-Free Technology. Scientist turner entrepreneur thanks to RebelBio. Dedicated to making biology available to anyone anywhere.

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