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Celer Network is building ground-breaking solutions to truly bring Internet scale to every blockchain. Celer Network is founded by industry experts from Google, top Silicon Valley startups and seasoned researchers with Ph.D in computer science from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC. Celer Network is backed by world renowned top-tier ventures.

Powered by new system architecture, protocols, algorithms, and incentive-compatible economic models, Celer Network’s next-generation scaling platform will allow millions of users to interact with blockchains on various applications such as gaming and trading at extremely low cost with no compromise on security or finality, and enable everyone to easily and efficiently develop and deploy their dApps at massive scale.

Welcome to join us to keep pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology!
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Product Marketing Analyst

Software Engineering

Mobile Developer - iOS

Software Engineering

Mobile Developer - Android

Software Engineering

Software Engineer - Backend

Software Engineering

Software Engineer - Smart Contract