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If Tony Robbins & Michael Jackson had a baby ? #Edutainment

If Tony Robbins & Michael Jackson had a baby ? #Edutainment

What is Cauveé/Cauvee Global? Cauveé is a for-profit Christian organization focused on IMPACT! We HELP people reach their full potential because we BELIEVE that dreams are dying. Building Legacy Driven Brands that are audience-centered, relatable, connected and one-of-a-kind personalized edutainment brands. As a strategy centered organization do three simple things: 1. Inspire. 2. Educate. 3.Entertain HOW we serve the world is with Music, Voice & Visuals. We envision a world liberated from societal frameworks and barriers to entry. Helping people breakthrough and find FULFILLMENT with a product suite that includes the power of strategy speaking, music, poetry, courses, art and much more! At the center of disruption you find WISDOM and understanding. And we want to help you find it! Join us on our mission to dynamically change the world while giving back to organizations that solve hunger, homelessness, Lyme disease, just to name a few. Will you join us on our mission? Founder: Cauveé Lead Inspiration Engineer® cauvee.com/about

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