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Matt Mahan

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Founder & CEO @Brigade, frmer CEO @Causes. Previous work in campaigning/nonprofits. '06 TFA, '05 @Harvard University, UC President, Michael Rockefeller fellow

Rocky Beach

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Campaign Manager at Causes.com
Director, Digital Communications @Brigade . Co-Founder AdRevolution.

Laura Polkus

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Creatrix that keeps things simple, positive and adventurous.

Jenn Ryan

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Joe Lencioni

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Elliot Block

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Founder/CTO of @Framed Data. Former PM on @Microsoft Office Web Apps 1.0. Writer of code, coordinator of nerds, shipper of products for over a decade.

Tony Wooster

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Worked at Causes.com, Envio Systems, Podaris Ltd., small and mid-sized startups.


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Engineer @Brigade; Worked at Votizen, Causes, and RapLeaf.

Alex Royea

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UX Researcher at @Causes learning from people who want to change the world.

Jeremy Dunck

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Product-focused early engineer at startups, experienced contractor, Django core contributor, front to back dev, scrappy ops.
Developer at @Causes
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Board members and advisors

Founder Sunrise, Path, Slow / Early Facebook, Apple / Board Dwell, Esalen

Joe Green

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Co-Founder @Causes.

Sean Parker

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Founder @Airtime
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Former team

Kevin Shay

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Hao Su

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Brian Mason

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Herman Ng

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Adam Derewecki

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Hillary Violet Lehr

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