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Industry-Leading Compensation Intelligence Platform

Industry-Leading Compensation Intelligence Platform

At Compaas, we provide industry-leading technology that gives company leaders a total understanding of employee compensation — including stock.

Data is abundant, but insights are priceless. Whether you’re worried about employee vesting, manager trends, or pay equity, Compaas (compa.as) has the answers. Our platform surfaces compensation problems that hide in different HR systems. Compaas connects to an existing HR Tech stack, so on-boarding is a breeze.

There's so much more to consider than just simple cash/salary ratios and benchmarks — including stock distributions and refreshers, tenure comparisons, and historical trends.

In 2018, we expanded our features around insights and pay equity exploration. Companies who want to communicate consistently and improve pay transparency love our manager and Total Rewards reports for employees. Every feature helps companies get a better understanding of their biggest operating expenses, and make better decisions with that data.
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