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Jobs at Catchafire

Here at Catchafire, we hire individuals who are motivated to change the world. More than that, we seek diverse mission-driven professionals who embody our values of 100% responsibility, entrepreneurial leadership, growth mindset, radical candor, and mindfulness. Our people are on a constant pursuit for professional and personal growth and believe that time spent on high value activities can ignite positive social change.

We are at the intersection of many worlds (for-profit and nonprofit; purpose and business; talent development and corporate social responsibility), and we seek to break down the barriers between these silos to allow social good and community, talent and resources to flow more freely.

We’re searching for teammates who will help realize our mission. We are an ego-free, passionate and collaborative team striving to make giving your skills commonplace. Our company culture– a blend of social enterprise, tech startup, and classroom laboratory– gives our employees a unique opportunity to create both a more equitable, efficient and effective social good sector and a more compassionate world.