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CTO / Co-founder

$50k – $100k • 0.25% – 10.0%
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We are a start up tech company in the recruitment/staffing space. We're looking to build a software to shake up the recruitment industry. Our primary goal is to give people Automation, AI and Data tools they need to reduce down time.

We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder who can hands on develop and provide technical leadership for the company.
We are currently self-funded but plan to raise funds in the next 6 months. We are looking for someone who will be a partner in the ups and downs and is who is comfortable with uncertainty. Equity will be in accordance with abilities and experience.

The ideal applicant will be;
-Very intelligent
- Organized
- Ambitious
- Hard working
- Self-motivated
- Have good leadership abilities
- A great communicator and comfortable with a dynamic and fast-paced environment
- Willing to put in more than 40 hours a week
- Willing to take equity for the services provided
- Willing to do whatever it takes to make the company succeed

This is not a 9-5 role. It's preferable that this individual be in Australia or move if necessary to our base in Melbourne.

Required Duties:
- Hands-on coding (since we are a relatively small company)
- Representing the technological agenda in staff meetings and when making hiring decisions
- Staying up-to-date with current developments in the technology landscape
- Consolidating our software platforms and creating strategic plans for each
- Tracking, analyzing and monitoring technology performance metrics
- Identifying new and upcoming digital marketing opportunities, and creating strategies to implement them (both for us and our clients)
- Taking the initiative in thought leadership, innovation and creativity
- Creating a culture of collaboration within the organization that emphasizes teamwork and accountability
- Communicating the company’s technology strategy to stakeholders including clients, investors, executives, and internal team members
- Spearheading IT projects to increase our market reach and improve our USP
- Overseeing all designs and modifications to our system architecture

Required Skills:
- 5+ years of software engineering and IT experience
- Experience with start up's
- Strong experience in designing complex databases
- Some kind of familiarity with JavaScript, React/React Native, Django, Python, AWS, Java, Python, NLTK, Spring Boot, Angular, TensorFlow, Apache Spark and API intergrations.
- A proven track record of success in leadership positions
- Project management, organizational, leadership and communication English-language skills
- Knowledge of and/or experience in the HR/Staffing/Recruitment/Labour Hire industry
- An impressive technology-related achievement that stands out from the average software engineer
- Familiarity with marketing platforms, programs, and policies
- Business Analysis
- APIs and Integrations
- Data Analytics


As a founding Member of the business, you will be compensated with sweet equity, ranging anywhere from 0.2% - 10%

Free laptops

You will be provided with full autonomy to work from home when needed and provided with the latest Macbooks

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A faster product for HR and Recruiters

TBA focuses on Recruiting, Technology, Mobile Application, and Full Stack Startup. Their company has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Melbourne, and Sydney. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.catchcv.com

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