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Bringing AI-Driven Predictive Contextual Targeting to Video Advertising

Bringing AI-Driven Predictive Contextual Targeting to Video Advertising

We have developed a set of tools for brands and publishers to take more control over their advertising across the social networks. On the publisher side they would now have the opportunity to insert their advertisers into social videos prior to being published. Inventory management, creative solutions, A/B testing, self serve options, and more allow them to unlock this inventory while remaining within the branded content policies of the platforms.

For advertisers, they can now select where their message is seen and tailor it to the unique audiences of the publishers they are working with. Prior to this they would either have to develop an entire branded content campaign which is a very high cost and make a bigger bet on less assets. Now they can diversify with a few clicks and reach new audiences at lower costs, with the performance they've come to expect from video advertising.

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