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Property management for the digital era

Property management for the digital era

Castle manages rental homes for landlords using automation and on-demand labor.

1 in 8 Americans (and growing) own rental property, but this $35bn+ market has yet to transition to the digital era. Right now, rental owners have two bad options: DIY landlording (80% choose this) or traditional property management (20% choose this). DIY landlording has a high potential for error, requires you to live near their investments, and comes with a high workload that limits your portfolio size. Traditional management companies offer low transparency, notoriously poor customer service, and can't scale (95% are mom-and-pops).

Castle is building the full-service property management platform of the future: we manage homes for rental investors using automation and on-demand labor, enabling them to grow their portfolios and returns.

We currently manage 650 units in our first market, metro Detroit, and are the second-largest management company in Michigan.

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Technology leader @Mynd Property Management. Have spent my entire career growing tech companies, with a specialization in real estate. Currently in Oakland, CA.
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