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The sleep startup that created the perfect mattress, sheets, and pillow for everyone



Founder @Casper. @Consignd (ERA W'13) • Developer @Fanium (2012) • Studied @Brown University University
Founder Casper • Worked at @IDEO • Studied at @Stanford University, @Princeton University
Co-founder at @Casper, previously co-founder at @Consignd. Saatchi & Saatchi X, Thrillist.


Kyle Rush

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VP of Engineering at Casper

Jeannine Seidl

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Leading Employee Communications and Experience @Casper . Previously @UpTo . Graduate of @Michigan State University .

Howard Helen

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Irish 24 year old Economics graduate, with eighteen months experience in customer science, data analytics and retail personalization.

Daniel Benko

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Worked at Apple for 5 years, now at Casper as an Ops Analyst for about a year. Currently attending Baruch College (Finance major).

Edward Friedman

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In progress

Duncan Fraser

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Currently leading data & analytics @Casper

Dani Haskin

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Marketing Manager, Casper (Nov 2015 - present) Brand Strategy, Horizon Media (Sep 2012 - Nov 2015)

Andrew Benin

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Early employee @Casper and @Warby Parker Specializing in cross functional projects, international expansion, sourcing, and team building Positive Office Force!

Andreas Kretschmer

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Casper Sleep & The Boston Consulting Group

Myrto Tzani

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Andrew Purzak

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Kathryn Robinson

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Samantha Clouten

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William "Do" Bookman

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R.I.T. Hyper Media Specialist; Jack of Several trades, perfect balance between creative, analytical, and technical, writer, producer, editor, director,

Shaden Abboushi

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Board members and advisors

Serial startup CFO, husband, daddy, armchair cyclist.
Founder, Sandwich Video

Former team

Ryan Orkisz

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Mark Beilock

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Dorian Scrima

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Terrance OConnell

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Scott Breitenother

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Andrew Blancato

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