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A smart home that adapts to you



David Cheriton

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    Founder @Caspar.AI • Former Artificial Intelligence Professor at @Cornell University • PhD from @Stanford University


    Miray Kas

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    Maja Rudinac

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    Miles Davis

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    Not that Miles Davis.

    Kiran Vemuri

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    Building Usability and Reliability into Complex AI Systems.
    Master's Degree in Computer Science, Strong knowledge on algorithm, data structure. 3 years exp in Java. Web development skills HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS

    Sarah(Shengping) Yao

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    Software Engineer @Caspar.AI. MS Computer Science @USC. Experience with JAVA, JavaScript, Python, and PHP.
    An accomplished professional with a progressive history of establishing operations for early stage start-ups

    Corey Gates

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    Deng Deng

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    Lixing Lian

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    Software Engineer

    Arthur Chen

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    Worked at Caspar.AI, Altera. Experience with AWS, AngularJS, Automation. Went to University of Southern California, University of California, Los Angeles