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No more lost luggage: a trackable, connected suitcase

No more lost luggage: a trackable, connected suitcase

Tired of lost, stolen, damaged, or overweight luggage? CaseSensitive is a two part device that can solve all of these problems, and puts the power, of getting your stuff to where you want it to be, how you want it to get there, back into your hands.

Part 1 of the solution is an iPhone-sized main sensor box, placed into any luggage. Pair with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, enter your trip itinerary, and track the bag anywhere on earth, without relying on anyone being nearby. The device meets FAA and TSA regulations by shutting off during takeoff and landing.

Part 2 is the real power. Simply fit the main sensor box into the appropriate slot on a CaseSensitive-ready luggage, and track the bag anywhere on earth like before, but also track any damage or shock the bag experiences, any time the bag is opened, the weight of the bag compared to your entered itinerary, and many other features.

With CaseSensitive, you can Travel Smarter.

Kal Sobel

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Founder CaseSensitive • Worked at @Apple, @Magna International • Studied at @University of Waterloo, @Fanshawe College • Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Mechanical Expert

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