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English class action lawsuits

English class action lawsuits

CaseHub crowdsources class action lawsuits as an investment product.

40,000 sign-ups.

21,000 claimants at £21m in expected value (and increasing)

Set to be the biggest consumer class-action lawsuit in English legal history.


We aggregate consumer claims together into a class action: this makes the legal process accessible, and turns the payout into an asset that significantly exceeds the cost of going to court.

We take a percentage from each action's payout or settlement. Each action is financed by law firms / litigation funders who also take a pc of the payout. The rest is returned to the affected people who joined the case.

We will build a portfolio of cases with different payouts and risk profiles.

"the CaseHub model has the potential to alter everything because of its sheer scale" – economist.com/news/britain/21645732-how-technology-might-make-english-law-mor…

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