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Casa is the world leader in non-custodial Bitcoin multisig tools and services.



Founder @Casa • Previously @Google, @Invite Media, @Appia , @Chrg • Philosophy at @Duke University


Blake Neuman

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Content + Marketing at Casa

Hector Rosekrans

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Bitcoin, cryptography UX, public policy Formerly: Messari, JP Morgan, US Navy School: Berkeley, Annapolis
Product Manager at Casa

Derrick Huey

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Kelly Lyons

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Broad business building, decisive deal-making and strategic finance skills @ Casa, XRC Labs, Golub Capital, MS, Goldman, AIG. Founder of LyonShare

Jameson Lopp

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I enjoy building services for use by people on the web. I'm most interested in Bitcoin and other public permissionless blockchain technologies.

Nick Neuman

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Product at Casa.

Logan Sease

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Nick Fogle

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Licensed Attorney. Software Engineer. Founding team @Casa. Founder & CTO @Wavve. Partner @FountStudio.

Scott Hurff

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Former team

Thomas Connors

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Brandon Black

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Carolyn Reckhow

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