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Seamless for Cars

Carvoy is an online leasing company that provides a hassle-free car leasing experience by bringing convenience and transparency to the automotive industry. This is all made possible by bringing most of the car-buying experience online. Consumers simply build the car they desire, select one of three transparent lease offers, and schedule a time for pickup/delivery. We have partnered with exclusive dealerships to make this all possible! • Build & Request: End users research and build the car they would like along with the appropriate lease terms. The exact build/terms are sent out to Carvoy’s dealer network for competing offers. • Lease on your terms: For every car requested, the consumer will receive three offers in their online dashboard. The terms will show a variety of lease prices, depending on the consumer’s choice of upfront payment. • Concierge Service: Delivery of the vehicle to the consumer’s desired location.

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