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Indoor location services for enterprise


3 rounds




Frontier Funds 1 & 2

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Early stage investors

Quake Capital

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An Accelerator Designed to Amplify Results

Krishnan Gopalan

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Technology & Business Development Executive - Entrepreneurial, Dynamic Leader Specializing in Operations, Engineering, & Product Management

Murali Krishnan

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Technology leadership experience in big data analysis, E-Commerce, app stores, and mobile payments. Built several v1 to v5 teams. Advisor and Investor.

Paolo Alimonti

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Gregory Bylos

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Investments in consumer and enterprise software startups.

Mark Harrington

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Gary Rubens

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Founded ATGStores.com in 1999 - sold to Lowe's Home Improvment 2012, Founded Architectural Details, inc in 1990- sold to private buyer in 2007, expertise in ecommerce, online advertising and business growth.
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