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Predict Through Location



Sergio Álvarez Leiva

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Founder and CPO at CartoDB. Product at Agroguia. Founded vizzuality. I build Things.

Javier de la Torre

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Co-Founder and CEO at CartoDB and Vizzuality working on data analysis and visualization for stories that matter.


Christine Lovas

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Virginia Tech Graduate (Geography-2015), Sales and Customer Service Pro, Demand Generation Specialist, Constantly Looking for Process Improvement Options

Iago Lastra Rodriguez

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Software Engineer. I studied machine learning but I work with React

Ali Greenberg

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javier santana

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CTO @Co-it, @agroguia founder

Tyler Bird

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Stephanie Mongon

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Santiago Giraldo Anduaga

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Startup leadership and growth strategy professional, urban scientist, map nerd extraordinaire

Michelle Chandra

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"If there's something inside that you wanna say, Say it out loud it'll be okay"

Juan Ignacio Sanchez Lara

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Passionate software development engineer who loves new challenges. 10y delivering projects at consultancies and ~5y growing a startup.

Jose Martín-Corral

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Recruiter at CARTO

Jeff Ferzoco

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Business Development at Carto, designer and cartographer

Jaak Laineste

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Ashley Simcox

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Brittany Micek

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Over 3 years experience working in content creation, git and terminal proficiency
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Former team

Jace Grebski

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Carlos Matallín

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Andrew Hill

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Elena Torró

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Greg Sundermann

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Rafael Martin Soriano

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