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Carry is a platform that connects offline merchants and consumers using blockchain

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Carry is an exciting blockchain project looking to build the best team: - Already finished ICO successfully in September - Backed by the best funds globally (Draper Dragon, Hashed, Arrington XRP) - Run by experienced founders - Linked to Spoqa which has 10,000 merchants and 17 million end users The offline retail market is 25 trillion dollars. Carry’s mission is to leverage blockchain technology and tokens to improve the lives of offline shoppers globally. Everytime we go out shopping in the real world, we generate precious data that is currently monetized by large companies but not us. Carry will create a platform that allows consumers to be rewarded for sharing their data directly to advertisers. We want to see a world where data is democratized and believe our industry experience and team will enable the first real world use case for blockchain. Come join our passionate team!
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Mobile Application Engineer


“Making the tech disappear” in the hands of every day end-users.
Work on front-end projects such as creating reference wallet app with an average user in mind, not blockchain enthusiasts
Work with and set guidelines for partner companies such as Device Providers, Wallet Service...


Full Stack Engineer


Work on SDK/API set for partner companies that belong in Device Providers, Wallet Service Providers and Ads Service Providers
Provide admin backoffice for said partner companies.
Work with and set guidelines for said partner companies
Play an integral part of making blockchain ...


Blockchain (Ethereum) Engineer


Build core application level protocol; optimize blockchain data structures, write crypto algorithms and smart contracts to implement token economics
Design, develop and implement blockchain protocol packages for Ethereum
Craft and maintain interfaces for API and Storage teams


Token Economics Researcher

Personal data is important. And that’s why Carry Protocol is creating a platform where individuals get compensated for their personal data.


Service Planner

Carry Protocol strives to provide value to both consumers and businesses through their transaction data. We envision a world where consumer transaction data is owned by the consumers, and businesses can send custom tailored loyalty brand tokens direct to consumers.