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Car Servicing Made Easy

Car Servicing Made Easy

Carpathy is an online car repair and maintenance service marketplace that provides 360 degree solutions in the car after sales market. Carpathy aims to make car servicing a fast, hassle-free, convenient and a transparent process, with a very competitive pricing. Our offerings cover periodic service and maintenance, accidental repairs, RSA(Road Side Assistance), car inspection and diagnostic services. The platform provides OEM recommended service packages designed to fulfill all your car's service requirements. Carpathy currently offers free pick-up & drop, walk-in and doorstep services for more than 350 car models including luxury and premium cars across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Varanasi and more than 20 cities across India. Book your service now at carpathy.com or call 8882110011

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Divyanshu Bansal

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Entrepreneur • Angel Investor • Product Guy • Founder @Carpathy , @GOPeppers • Advisor @ZiffyHomes [YC S18] [YC S18] • UX Designer from IIT Guwahati
Co-Founder & Director @Carpathy ,Quality Assurance at INPQIC Hyundai Motors India Limited
Co-Founder at @Carpathy, India’s fastest growing multi brand service network!