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One-Click-Trucking Plattform

One-Click-Trucking Plattform

Cargonexx offers truck transportation at actual market prices within seconds. Shippers and freight forwarders get an instant and binding quote on the platform. Cargonexx buys the tours in its own name and sells it to automatically matched registered carriers.The pricing is based on an artificial neural network which can predict spot market prices for single loads (first in Europe).

For shippers and freight forwarders, the Cargonexx service is quicker, cheaper and safer than freight exchanges, brokers or other platform concepts. For carriers, it is an easy and comfortable way to get extra loads. The service is for free because Cargonexx earns a margin between buying and selling a tour. Cargonexx focusses on the long haul professional market, which stands for 250 billion Euros in Europe.

Cargonexx is growing quickly. Almost 2.000 transportation companies have already registered (March 2017).

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