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Onboarding Team Associate

$30k – $40k • No equity
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Cargo is looking for part-time & full-time contractors to join the Cargo Onboarding Team (OT) in San Francisco. Being a part of our OT requires an understanding of our company and how we benefit local drivers. It takes someone who is personable, can hustle and move fast, and get things done! You're an ideal candidate if you have great charisma, are confident enough to talk to strangers, and have the ability to follow through on details, manage events, and share your passion for the Cargo brand. Strong performers will be elevated into team management or full-time HQ roles quickly.

Apply Online at jobs.lever.co/cargo/d33d405b-0437-4f2f-8960-6be4f5992346?lever-origin=applied….

-- Master your understanding of Cargo's offerings in and be able to clearly explain them to potential drivers
-- Convert drivers into Cargo signups
-- Staff a table inside Uber's local Greenlight Hub locations
-- Run other local onboarding events
-- Recruit other OT members

-- A charismatic, friendly personality that people are naturally attracted
-- Entrepreneurial attitude with the ability to get-sh*t-done
-- Must be comfortable speaking to strangers
-- Flexible availability with the ability to work at least 8 hours/week
-- Startup experience is a plus
-- Previous Marketing / Sales / Brand Ambassador work is a plus
-- Based in the area and able to commute to/from different onboarding events

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