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Your resume, Revolutionized

Your resume, Revolutionized

Careograf is an online career profile that integrates a professional's education, work experience and skills with their social identity and presents it all visually. It is designed to be easy for professionals to engage with and keep updated. It aims to be a profile that professionals would love to have.

The Careograf profile further allows professionals to pro-actively get their education and experience verified, thus making them credible and inspiring confidence in prospective employers. It prompts professionals to take skill tests and rate their competencies. By quantifying their core skills, it allows hiring managers to objectively judge candidates, and enables them to make data driven hiring choices. Careograf conducts psychometric evaluation of professionals that helps prospective employers determine the culture fit of a candidate. And it guides professionals to create a short video clip taking about themselves, to give hiring mangers a better idea of the candidate's persona.

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