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Reimagining community support during acute illness or injury

Reimagining community support during acute illness or injury

Our founding team is compelled by personal experience. In the last 2 years, both founders served as primary caregivers for family members with cancer. We saw first hand how a medical crisis throws life into turmoil. Patients and their caregivers have to balance the full time job of navigating the health system and doing everything they can to get well, with the unceasing responsibilities of "normal" life and the strong desire to continue living it. We both witnessed tremendous energy emerge from our communities to support our family members, but we were struck by how hard it was to tap into this potential assistance while also empowering our loved ones to lead their lives on their terms. We've started Caregather to make the support surrounding care more powerful, personal, and purposeful. Our first product is a free-to-use software platform to help patients and caregivers receive better support during acute illness or injury by unlocking the power of their communities. We do this by combining communication, task management, and support/gift facilitation tools into a single platform. We help our users keep their communities updated easily, receive support from their network in the ways they want it, and find joy wherever possible. We help them avoid the mass texts to find someone to pick up a child from soccer practice during an unexpected trip to the emergency room, the 13th bouquet of flowers arriving on the same day, and the 72nd phone call to update a friend or relative on the latest news. Navigating a health crisis is hard enough- receiving support from your community should relieve some of that burden, not add to it. We've designed a business model based on Zola, Houzz, and AngelList that will sustain our business and enable us to build powerful tools to help people. If you are as driven by this mission as we are and want your work to matter, we'd love to hear from you.

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Cofounder and CEO at Caregather. Previously VP of Sales and BD at TrackMaven (acq by Skyword)

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