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Big Payments, Made Rewarding



Angie Kim

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Customer Success Manager at CardUp

Saurabh Sikchi

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Ruby | DevOps | JavaScript. BITS Pilani Goa Campus Alum

Lev Chiong

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Nico Schlosser

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Went to Technical University Of Munich

Ronee Medhi

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QA Engineer - Product Love UI, UX, and HCI

Liam Cox

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Katia Azais

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Lee Junwen

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Head of Product & Growth at A Better Florist

Sandra Ernst

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COO & Head of Operations @ CardUp Pte Ltd in Singapore. Background in Fintech, PE and Banking and strong experience in start-ups and banking operations.

Diana Lim

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Head of Marketing at CardUp

Board members and advisors

Tiang Lim Foo

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Partner at SeedPlus. Market Development at Evernote. Angel investor at Xfers, Talenox.

Former team

Flora Jordano

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Gitaanjali Devendaran Naidu

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Jess Wong

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Aditya Shedge

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