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Greeting Cards On-Demand

Greeting Cards On-Demand

Cardstalk is scrapping the greeting card aisle of the past - and replacing it with an unbeatable selection of high-quality cards, printed on-demand. We are committed to creating a new kind of greeting card shopping experience - one that doesn't produce excess card waste or feel like a print station that's stuck in the myspace era of usability. We understand what makes people love greeting cards - and we know e-cards don't cut it. There's an emotional experience that's tied to the physical space a card occupies. That moment when we hold a card from a friend or loved one, when we run our fingers over their handwriting - and feel like the person who gave it is just a little closer in physical reality than they were a moment ago. That's the reason we love cards, and that's why Cardstalk is making them better.

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