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Not just a business card .

Not just a business card .

.. it's the fastest experience ever made.

We don't want you to - per se - leave your physical interactions behind, nor do we force everyone to download our app. With Cardify, you just have one physical card (or none at all) that can be scanned by anyone with a modern smartphone.

We use technology that is built into today's smartphones. It is the same technology that makes mobile payments possible: NFC aka very fast. We use this format to share contact information and added QR codes for older smartphones.

This means that when a Cardify user wants to share his or her contact details with another person, all they have to do is tap the physical card against the recipient's phone. They can now quickly save the contact details in their phone's address book or send them by e-mail. In addition, the recipient can digitally return his or her information so that no paper cards are exchanged. All this without the need to download or install anything.

It's that easy.
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