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We are a mission driven company that is passionate about stopping climate change.

Our downtown San Francisco HQ and friendly, high-performing team make for a great work environment. We prize communication and transparency, appreciate work-life balance, and support our team members’ professional and personal growth.

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Interview with Brenden Millstein, CEO of Carbon Lighthouse

  • Tech Nest: The Real Estate and Tech Show
  • 5 months ago

Why is it that if you're pro-environment, the narrative is you must also be anti-business? This is the common thread I've seen in articles and reports, but is that true? Brenden Millstein, CEO and Founder of Carbon Lighthouse, is on mission to not only prove combatting climate change is a noble cause, but that it's profitable.

Carbon Lighthouse works with building owners to dramatically reduce their energy consumption using high-tech software and sensors. On this episode, we talk through their explosive growth, huge vision, and even get into the specifics of their ideal customer type (which I was dead wrong on, btw).

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 Interview with Brenden Millstein, CEO of Carbon Lighthouse