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Creating financial opportunities for everyone

Creating financial opportunities for everyone

We consider CapWay to be a two-sided coin. One side being financial education and the other side being actual financial services and products. Our content is culturally relevant to the users that we serve, meaning we take an untraditional and more engaging and gamified approach to teaching about money. Our financial services include pre-paid cards and bank debit cards, meaning we bank the unbanked. Pre-paid cards are not our main focus but we understand that it is what our audience is comfortable with using. For users who enter our platform via our pre-paid card, they have the opportunity to covert over to a bank account within our platform. We understood by offering one without the other would be a disservice to the audience we target.

We have a B2BC and B2C approach, with B2B2C being our main strategy. Our B2B2C model is partnering with schools, community organizations, employers, cities, and financial institutions which allows us to onboard a bulk of users at one time.

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