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CAPPA is the hearing impaired's voice

CAPPA is the hearing impaired's voice

“Blindness separates us from things, deafness separates us from people”, is a quote from the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Poor hearing always harbors the risk of social isolation. It is precisely when lots of children are screaming at each other during play, when two friends are sharing whispered secrets or a few lads are telling their jokes that a child with hearing loss can feel quickly left out. It is often difficult for an affected child to follow the small, but often important, details of a conversation or register the nuances and comments quickly enough. The Center for Aid to People with Auditory Problems (CAPPA-Deaf-Haiti) needs some money to facilitate all activities in Haiti to conect the hearing impaired whatever their social classes, ages, and gender.

Integrating and accompany psycho-socio-cuturellement people with hearing problems.

121 Rue Mayard Christ-Roi, Port-Au-Prince, Haïti
(509) 4097-1445 / (509) 3446-6646
(202) 618-1022
(509) 3710-4711 (SMS et WhatsApp)

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