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Canvs is the community of Design in India. We have over 10000 designers using Canvs as a platform to display work. We work with the best designers from India on products from the top firms in India. Canvs today works with firms like Adity Birla Capital, ICICI Bank, Drip Cap etc to design and build their flagship products. The working model being new, throws open new challenges in the job of a product+project manager. We work remotely with Designers with fully productized and managed pipelines to execute products. Our firm is currently in the growth stage. This opens up many opportunities for folks working on the problems statements that Canvs presents.
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Product Designer + Design Manager

Posted 11 months ago

Super Imp! : We are looking to hire urgently for this profile, so you should be having a max of a month's notice at your current work.


Product Designer + Design Manager

Canvs.in is an online community of around 10,000 designers.


Marketer and Design Evangelist

Posted 6 months ago
  • Gradually and effectively building a brand around your content marketing efforts
  • Regularly speak to new designers with an agenda and build a community initiative for Canvs around it.