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Trade Finance & Supply Chain Finance Marketplace

Trade Finance & Supply Chain Finance Marketplace

At Canopi we're building 2 things 1. A Trade Finance Marketplace for MSME Exporters This platform enables MSME Exporters to get post shipment finance against shipment. Small exporters wait for upto 120 days to get payments from their overseas buyers and use expensive rupee credit in the interim. Our solution enables the exporter to get upto 90% of payment against shipment and brings down their working capital challenges. The platform onboard MSMEs, connects them with institutional lenders looking to underwrite their receivables and provides a one-stop portal for managing their export trade. We integrate with various systems like Customs portal, Shipment Logistics Tracking Site and Trade portals. 2. A Supply Chain Finance Marketplace for Domestic MSMEs The Supply Chain Finance marketplace works by onboarding Corporates who act as Anchors. Via these Anchors, we onboard Vendors and Dealers of the Corporate and enable Vendor Finance and Channel Finance in an integrated platform.

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Prabal Krishna

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Co-founder of Canopi, an online marketplace for Supply Chain Finance where MSMEs and MSME Exporters can get early payment for their invoices.