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CTO - Full Stack Master - Node/Mongo/React

No salary • 10.0% – 20.0%
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Cannabinder is well past MVP, market tested and beginning to pick up speed in a pre-funding, edge of revenue environment. We've bootstrapped our consumer and grower facing infrastructure to handle the necessary data and we have sold our first SaaS contract. Our icon, The Cannastamp, is seen over 100k times a month by cannabis consumers.

We are looking for a few new team mates to help push us over the next hill and ride through our first round of funding or potentially drive a cash healthy bootstrapped SaaS company.

This new team member should come with their own personal runway for the next 6 months and in exchange will recieve an appropriate founders equity award.

We are currently releasing our dispensary sales tools (first customer launch). With that complete we will be moving towards integrating partner systems to facilitate our sales growth and working towards a loyalty program.

If you have an interest in big data and/or recommendation models, that's a huge plus.