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We make it easy to get and stay compliant as a cannabis business



Natalie Mercuri

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Scaling teams and businesses through operational efficiency and training

Emily Wanless

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Andrew Munds

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SaaS sales leader currently helping to build Canix

Matthew Trotter

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For 5 years I've been selling and consulting Seed to Sale Cannabis software. Assisting cannabis operators to stay compliant with state-mandated regulations.

Stacey Hronowski

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Co-Founder and CEO of Canix. YC S'19. Former private equity investor at H.I.G. Capital. Proud Umass Alum.

James Hudon

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Head of Engineering @ Canix. Senior Software Engineer from Coinbase, Uber, Salesforce

Artem Pasyechnyk

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CTO/Co-Founder @ Canix. Engineer & Manager @ Facebook (Internet.org, Mobile Financial Services). Realtime Systems Engineer at PagerDuty. Waterloo SE '14

Trevor Reeves

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Product Strategist with 8 yr exp managing teams in the Healthcare and Live-streaming industries. I’m passionate about turning ideas into delighted customers.

Board members and advisors

Partner at @Y Combinator. Founded @Wufoo (Acquired by @SurveyMonkey).