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We make it easy to get and stay compliant as a cannabis business

Software Engineer

$90k – $135k • 0.5% – 1.5%
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Canix is building the first generation of modern software for the burgeoning cannabis industry. We help our customers overcome daunting compliance regulation, sell more product, and optimize their day to day operations—from cultivation, to processing, to distribution.

Why work with us?

- Legalization is here. Canix will not only establish the technical foundations of the industry as it grows, but continuously work to improve them.
- It's early. We found our first paying customer in March '19, and grew 40% week-over-week during our time at YC. It's clear that we're building something people want, and in some cases *need*. Your work is pivotal in forming and growing the team, product and company from the ground up.
- Our team's got it all—from sales, to product, to engineering. We've known each other for years and are beyond thrilled to be on this journey together.

The role:

We’re a lean team by design. Our aim is to be adaptable—to be able to build high quality solutions to a wide range of problems, both age-old and entirely greenfield. Our challenges include:
- Integrating with hardware (e.g. wireless scale integrations for weighing product during and after harvest/processing or RFID scanners for plant tracking)
- Working with gnarly 3rd-party APIs to push/pull data to/from our backend with a high degree of accuracy and timeliness
- Delivering beautiful and effective UIs to help our customers accomplish their work
- Writing efficient mobile applications that can work both online and offline to process hundreds of thousands of plant changes in sporadic network conditions.

We choose technology to find the right balance of productivity, robustness, performance, and elegance. We like to move fast, and be proud of our work at the same time. Our stack is:
- React Native and ReactJS for both native and web front-ends. (Typescript)
- GraphQL as our API language
- Ruby+Sidekiq+ActiveRecord for backend business logic
- PostgreSQL for backend data persistence


- Adaptable. Avid hat collector.
- Focus on simplicity over completeness. We pride ourselves on being to-the-point in our product development. If it doesn't solve the problem, it's not worth our time.
- People-focused. Take the time to get to know our customers, and step in their shoes when building. In-person meetings and on-sites are encouraged!
- Lead. As one of the first engineers at Canix, you will play a critical role in shaping our engineering culture (and beyond).

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We make it easy to get and stay compliant as a cannabis business

Canix (YC S'19) focuses on United States. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://canix.com or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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