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SEO powered by machine learning

SEO powered by machine learning

SEO software that delivers actions and insights, not just data. What can your competitors teach you about SEO? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Using machine learning to study how your website compares to top ranking pages, CanIRank can help you answer questions like: - what's the one thing I should change to make the biggest impact on my rankings? - which keywords could I rank for without even trying? - which words should I include to make my page more relevant? - where can I get some decent links? Other SEO tools provide great data. CanIRank adds a layer of intelligence on top to deliver actionable insights, opportunities, and personalized recommendations. For every recommendation, get detailed instructions on how to complete it yourself, or delegate to a Specialist with a single click. Finally, SEO software to help you spend less time collecting and analyzing data, and more time actually getting things done.

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Data Analytics Product Strategist • Founder @CanIRank • Chief Scientist @growth_ai • CEO @Sedo.com • Studied @Stanford University @Kedge Business School

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