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★ The best brands today are being built together with customers ★

We sit at the intersection of social media, e-commerce and advertising where trends are evolving at light-speed.

Candid is a world renowned social discovery platform that delivers cutting edge user-generated media experiences to improve engagement for brands in every major market. We provide marketers the tools they need to easily weave on-brand user-generated content into their own marketing experiences. Our intuitive content management system allows brands and publishers to inject social content into branded websites and ads, enabling a richer exploration of products and services that improves conversions and sales.

Consumer generated content and hashtags are quickly reshaping the marketing landscape. We have a mature tech stack that's extremely well positioned in our field and we've shown a track record of moving faster than our larger peers. Working at Candid provides an unbelievably intimate view of how the most loved brands in the worlds engage their communities each day.

Join us and help bring authenticity and community to social media marketing and advertising.