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Mobile calendar and simplified scheduler

Mobile calendar and simplified scheduler

Canary is a calendar app for the iPhone that helps Google Calendar users efficiently schedule meetings. People often check their mobile calendars to find time to schedule meetings, but are forced to wait until they reach their computer to actually send their guest an invitation. From Canary’s unique calendar interface, users can send their availability to anyone in seconds, allowing guests to select a time and automatically schedule a meeting on both calendars—with just one click. Canary puts an end to the back-and-forth of scheduling via email, resulting in quicker turnaround times and higher response rates. Canary lets you plan faster, to do more.

Ralph Bouquet

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Community Manager at @Canary. Taught science with TFA. Received M.Ed. from UPenn and B.A. from @Harvard University.
Co-founder and CEO @Canary • PM at @Google • S.B./M.Eng Course VI at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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