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Searching for something new? Tired of working 9-5, giving 100% and only getting 5% in return? Tired of hearing that to be successful you must leave your life and family behind and commit only to work and work itself? Well then Canadian Wealth Inc has the opportunity for you.
Curious to know more? Then give us 5 minutes to see why Canadian Wealth Inc is the perfect opportunity for you.

Who is Canadian Wealth Inc?
We are a Business Solutions company founded on the principals that anyone deserves the opportunity to see their lifelong passion come true, that’s why we offer services to Entrepreneurs & companies that range from business plans to websites and apps and everything in between. We are cutting edge in what we do, and still building an exciting brand. Progress never stops and neither do we! So - come work for a fun, innovative, exciting, growing, and stand out company with a unique approach to everything we do.
What will you do at Canadian Wealth?
Anything you need to do to be your version of successful. You make your own schedule, set your day, talk with leads and clients that you believe in and are passionate about.
What do we think is success?
Success to Canadian Wealth isn’t just about the final number on a contract, success is about knowing our clients are satisfied with a product they can be proud of. So whether you prefer helping your local entrepreneurs, shops, restaurants grow their online presence with amazing websites or software, or if you love helping start ups from business plan to success story, if you have the confidence to barge into the biggest office and speak with CEOs and Founders at the highest level, we encourage you all in any way you feel comfortable and have passion doing.
How will we help you?
From the time you join Canadian Wealth Inc we provide side by side personalized assistance to help you feel confident reaching out to owners, founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs at all stages to help them find solutions to reach their goals.
What we offer

  • 10-20 % UNCAPPED commission on sales
  • Pay per Signing
  • Expected yearly commission range 50K – 90K 1st Year
  • Independence
  • Strong team support
  • Work / Life Balance
  • No more 9-5 traffic life
  • The chance to be apart of the new innovative technology, ideas and online world.
  • Successful candidates can move to salary positions with commission & possibility of management. What we are looking for from you
  • Entrepreneurial minded
  • Passion for helping entrepreneurs and companies grow
  • Excellent people skills
  • Confident to speak with anyone
  • Able to self structure and organize time
  • Be willing to attend StartUp events and local networking events
  • High Energy
  • Professional dress when with clients or potential clients
  • Strong self motivator
  • Able to ask for help when needed
  • Sees clients as partners
  • Able to maintain and build long term partnerships with clients
  • Okay with commission only
  • 4 Years of successful sales experience (Multiple facets accepted)

So why wait? Start your journey.

Canadian Wealth at a glance

Connecting Innovation with Wealth

Canadian Wealth focuses on Financial Services, Technology, Finance Technology, and Mobile Application. Their company has offices in Canada and Calgary. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://canadian-wealth.ca/ or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.