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Live-streaming education for kids Age 5-18 (MIT/Harvard team)

Live-streaming education for kids Age 5-18 (MIT/Harvard team)

We're a team from MIT, Harvard, IIT, Teach for India, and Apple bringing k-12 education into the 21st century. We've built a global online school that teaches kids age 5-18 via live-streaming, social, multiplayer experiences that feel like a video game, that work 10x better than static videos, and that parents & kids LOVE. Each kids builds a portfolio as he/she learns on our platform, showcasing projects and 21st century skills -- think "LinkedIn for Kids". We're using this platform to teach 21st century skills (Coding / AI / logic) today, other topics tomorrow, playing in a $1B+ k-12 online education market growing 60% per year in India alone. Actively hiring, come work with us to usher in a new age of online learning.

Front-End JS Developer (React, Redux) - MIT / IIT Team

Talent Acquisition Manager

Master Instructor (Educator)

Back-End JS Developer (Node.js, MongoDB) - MIT / IIT Team

Founder @Camp K12 | MIT computer science, Harvard MBA | ex- McKinsey, Google | i enjoy occasional side projects + hackathons (webXR, ed-tech, crypto)
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