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UAV test pilot

$60k – $90k • 0.0% – 0.25%
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Camp Six is hiring a head pilot for our unmanned cargo aircraft. During our flight tests and operations, you will be the remote pilot in command, piloting the aircraft during manual phases of flight, dealing with emergencies, and monitoring its behavior and vitals during the missions. You will be in charge of the checklists and field organization before and during the tests. The rest of your time will be spent in the shop maintaining, assembling, testing and improving our aerial vehicles, current and next generations, as well as other necessary tools for transportation and manufacturing.

About Camp Six : we are building an aerial system capable of delivering 1 ton of freight to all the remote communities and industries on earth. We are making and flying aircrafts with wing span between 4m and 16m, with a team of five people base in Soquel, CA.

Your experience must include piloting of large model or manned aircrafts, rc piloting experience, as well as electrical assembly and troubleshooting, mechanical and composite fabrication. Knowledge of flight autopilots and controls system is a plus. A part 107 remote pilot certificate or private pilot certificate would also be a strong plus.