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Jennifer Gill Roberts

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Co-Founder of Grit Ventures: funding Robotics startups: @Canvas @ViaBot @Robotik Innovations @Rhumbix @Camp Six @Tortuga @LumosTech ,VC at Sevin Rosen

Jeff Schox

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Patent Attorney. Stanford Professor. First investor @Twilio. Early investor @Cruise.

Eric Chen

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Founder at @OVO Fund (Seed Fund) Partner @Equilibrium Investments (Real Estate) Venture Partner at @WI Harper Group (US-China VC) Co-founder @Tiny Prints

Ash Patel

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Managing Director at @Morado Venture Partners. Former EVP, CPO and early engineer at @Yahoo.


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Bringing Silicon Back To The Valley

Xavier Gury

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Xavier is graduated with honors from (ESIEA) He launched his 1st company at 19 yo. He worked and invested in Europe, Asia and USA. He's based in San Francisco