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Personalized genetic screening for cancer therapy

Personalized genetic screening for cancer therapy

We develop Svastia, a genomic software platform for clinical trials and hospitals to personalize cancer therapy and improve treatment outcomes through AI-driven genetic screening of cancer patients.

Svastia's knowledgebase utilizes the patient genetic data from hospitals to learn novel patterns of treatment response. Svastia offers the knowledgebase alongside industry-leading analytics tools to improve outcomes of clinical studies/trials in pharmaceutical R&D.

Svastia's USP is the combination of genome analytics that have been validated in 10,000+ patients. Svastia enables genetics-aided patient selection and stratification in clinical trials to maximise response rates. Svastia uses the same technology to maximize the potential novel drug candidates in preclinical studies.

Svastia is in private beta and is used by pharma customers and a hospital partner.



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CEO of Cambridgene. Expert in Genomics, Cancer therapy with business experience. Have a PhD from Max-Planck (Germany) and worked as a postdoc in Cambridge(UK).