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Cambridge Spark is a spin-out from the Cambridge Computer Laboratory with a focus on personalised education in the fields of Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. Our clients include some of the most prestigious financial institutions and universities in the UK and internationally. You’ll join a team of Computer Science and Data Science researchers, Big Data Engineers and PhD’s from the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Imperial College London and UCL who have experience working at some of the world’s most recognisable tech companies including Google, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Amazon and CERN.
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Full Stack Python Web Developer

This is an exciting role as we are a small fast-paced team. You’ll have a variety of engineering challenges, from building serverless APIs to developing our main web app used by our students to access personalised feedback and recommendations from our algorithms.


Tech Education Sales Representative

We are looking for a driven sales professional to join our founding team. You will be part of our mission of helping professionals become more relevant in the technology industry with our Data Science and Python programming bootcamps and training courses.