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Making the world happier and healthier through the superpower of Calm



Co/Founded Mind Candy, Calm and Firebox. Created Moshi Monsters

Alex Tew

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Co-founder & Co-CEO of @Calm



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Ashley Singh

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Chris Delbuck

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Head of Product Design @Calm. Founding Member of @GrayAreaOrg. Creative Lab (Data Arts Team) @Google. Words with Friends UX Lead @Zynga.

Mark Thomas Marcantano

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Passionate about tech and the people that drive it

Thomas Cohen

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Wisco grad building a new approach to recruiting.
Head of Talent Acquisition @Calm

Tony Hsieh

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Director of Product at @Calm Co-founder at @Limbix Commerce at @Facebook Director of Product at @Karma CS and MBA @Stanford

Richard Chipchase

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I enable startups to be able to engage, develop and retain inspiring people.

Matt Horiuchi

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Director of User Acquisition at Calm

Jade Heritage

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Community Coordinator at Calm

Christi-an Slomka

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Building happy and healthy communities through the power of mindfulness and a good night's sleep 😌🌎💙💤

Chris Scoville

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Engineering @Calm, engineer at Pixar, University of Washington CS

Alexander Will

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Entrepreneur. I love making things. Chief Strategy Officer @Calm.
CURRENTLY RECRUITING - Open vacancies are listed below however, if there are closed roles you think we should consider you for, please feel free to tell us...

Chase Ward

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Fearless Software Engineer with a love of learning Excellent communicator with very positive energy Quick Rigorous Determined Talented Hungry
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Board members and advisors

John Bonten

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Tech Executive Helping outstanding teams and companies to scale. Investing and advising US/EU founders and start-ups. Scaled Spotify, focusing on int'l growth.
Investor in 150 startups, including Uber.com & Thumbtack (first rounds). www.jasonssyndicate.com www.calacanis.com www.launch.co www.launchangelsummit.com
@Coach.me Founder. @Calm / @Medium advisor. Previously @CrowdVine, @Wesabe, @Odeo, O'Reilly.
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Former team

Shelbi Wolven

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Nate Macanian

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Maren Kate

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Kati Voluntine

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Rachel Bertinetti

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Jordan Knapp

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