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The career concierge for professional advancement

The career concierge for professional advancement

Caila is a learning search engine and virtual advisor that uses artificial intelligence to bring the world’s courses to working learners. We aggregate thousands of online and in-person courses across educational providers and we recommend a curated set of learning experiences to upskill individuals. We provide personalized learning pathways to help employers grow their talent by recommending courses, videos, podcasts, and books aligned with each person's job and career goals. Learning paths adapt as learner interests and courses change. For employees, by aggregating free and paid courses, Caila creates expedient and affordable paths to the skills, knowledge, and network, needed for economic mobility. For employers we create a low cost method of connecting their organization to the latest learning outside the organization to keep their company and workforce competitive.

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Co-founder & Head of Design at @Caila. Passionate about education and tech. Background in UX, design, and front end web dev. Neuroscience nerd.