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Your shipping assistant

Your shipping assistant

We are byrd and we help our customers to ship items in a fast, cheap and easy manner. We enable hassle-free shipping for everyone by providing a web application, which is suited for our business customers and a mobile app for our private customers. We pick up the items which have to be shipped at a favorable, package them professionally and hand it over the the carrier who offers the cheapest shipping rate. There is no need to buy expensive packaging material anymore, to package the items which is a painful process and to walk to the post office - just download our app und enjoy shipping.

Petra Dobrocka

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Co-Founder and CMO at byrd - making shipping easy!

Christoph Krofitsch

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B.S. in Computer Engineering, Co-Founded and built up the Practical Robotics Institute Austria, now co-founder and Chief Data Officer at byrd

Sebastian Mach

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Co-Founder and CTO at byrd
Cambridge graduate with 8 years of leadership experience as professional athlete, M&A banker and soldier