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We build and cofound new ventures with corporations from scratch.

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€18k – €21k • No equity
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Byld is the first Corporate Venture Builder in Spain, we co-found new ventures from scratch with big corporations combining the best of the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds to encourage the creation of scalable business in an international scope.

We believe that our formula for helping companies innovate is more effective and less risky than traditional methods as it is entirely devoted to it and linked to the strategy of the corporation in the mid-long term. This allows corporations to properly confront the fierce competence of startups and other rivals and adapt to the constant change of present times transforming opportunities and tendencies into new disrupting businesses. Ultimately, this is achieved thanks to the combination of the dynamism, versatility and culture behind the startups mindset that we bring to the table and the resources, outreach and experience of the big corporations that we partner with.

This is a great opportunity to lead and participate in projects driven by innovation. Together with big corporations such as Carrefour, Porsche, Hotusa, and Coca-Cola… You will make an impact!


You build the people and the people build the business. This is what Byld believes in: people. Motivated and passionate.

We are a team of less than ten people, all young people in between 20 and 40 years old, with experience in startups and also in large corporations such as: Coca-Cola, McKinsey, Santander, Rocket Internet, etc. As a team, we are all focused on making Byld grow, enthusiastic about validation and testing, user-centered, crazy about scalability and, especially, curious and eager to learn!

Do you also love the world of startups or do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to know more about business models, technology and creativity? This is your place!

At Byld we assure you that you will not be bored, you will not be one more. You will actively participate and contribute to the creation, debate and implementation of new and innovative startups, thus obtaining a very rewarding and unique experience.


Considering that this is an open application, let us tell you about how we work at Byld first. Our Building team is divided in three main areas:

- Business: Business Design, Strategy, Research, Design Thinking, Operations...
- Product: UX, UI, Design, Development...
- Growth: Business Development, Marketing Online, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing...

Do you think your skills match this roles? Then we would love to meet you! but keep reading...

> You are the perfect Builder for Byld, if…

You have a user centric lover approach / mindset and business and service design experience.
You have demonstrated experience leading multiple cross-discipline teams.
You have some consultancy or agency experience (in small teams).
You are creative, extremely curious and eager to learn.
You are a fan of metrics and analytically driven data.
You are able to communicate in a clear, solid and transparent way.
You know and are curious about new technologies and their impact on business models and innovation. You control the “startup” language.
You are able to multitask and work in changing environments.
You can manage your time perfectly.
Your attitude is dynamic, ambitious, and you are eager to learn.
You have a strong emotional intelligence with negotiation skills.
You are able to delegate and listen to opposing opinions.
You are willing to take risks and say what you think in every moment.
You are obsessed with quality.
You are able to speak and write fluently in Shakespeare’s language and
spanish too.
You have read our manifesto and you identify with it.
And we will bring out the red carpet for you if…
You are not scared of IT Teams, Product Teams and Analytics and Digital Marketing.
You hold strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Detail is everything to you.
You are capable of interpreting quantitative data and understand the needs of users thanks to interviews and questionnaires.


You will work in a dynamic and friendly environment, with numerous group activities, dinners, weekend trips…
Create a huge network within the startup and corporation ecosystems.
Options for teleworking.
Flexibility in matters of work schedule and holidays.
Dynamics for skills development and formation in different fields. Freedom to learn and apply new technologies to meet the needs of the projects.
Be part of an international team that is either able to make pizza, prepare caipirinhas or build the next unicorn.
Be part of projects with big corporations with a global impact.
You will not be bored: you will work with new ideas and new projects at a challenging and fulfilling rhythm!
You will work in a dynamic and friendly environment, with numerous group activities, dinners, weekend trips.