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Convenience Store (7/11)

Convenience Store (7/11)

BuyNBye is a new take on convenience stores, which will capitalize on the current market trend of an increase in fresh food sales and will be serving the Allen, TX market.

A BuyNBye location will consist of at least a 5,000 square foot store, utilizing multiple checkouts and product dispersion throughout the store, a drive-through, at least .75 acres of land, and have location exposure of at least 20,000 vehicles per day.

An annual revenue of $107,598,665 is generated via convenience stores and liquor stores within five miles of the proposed Allen, TX build site. Texas has five of the ten fastest growing cities in the nation.

BuyNBye's key differentiators are; combining fresh made-to-order food to their in store and drive through customers, a liquor store selection of beer, wine and spirits, and providing proven traffic drivers such as; the sale of lottery tickets and a western union agent desk.

*A full business plan is available upon request*

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